Poldark Filming at Gunwalloe

There was a little excitement in the village last night as many trucks and cars rumbled through. Because the road is a dead end at Church Cove, it was obvious something was going on. A quick internet search identified that the Poldark crew was filming in Charlestown this week. Two plus two makes four; surely they'd come to Gunwalloe for some more filming.

Early this morning, more traffic through the village. I walked down to Church Cove, and sure enough there was an entire camp set up, people moving around, and filming taking place on Dollar Cove.

Unfortunately I couldn't get too close, but it was fun to see the energy and hustle and bustle of everyone getting ready for some filming. Harriet (my dog) also thought it was curious to see some much action on an early November morning. Weather was cooperative too, despite the doom and gloom forecasts.


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