There are three beaches in Gunwalloe, and Loe Bar is within easy walking distance. The image is of Fishing Cove, which is the closest beach to the village.

Church Cove
The most popular beach in Gunwalloe is Church Cove, which is the last beach out of Gunwalloe. National Trust operates the car park and owns the beach. Church Cove has the only church on a beach in Cornwall, the Church of the Storms. There is also a small café, close to the car park. Church Cove is Gunwalloe's only lifeguarded beach. Here are the tide times and surf forecast.
The next cove over from Church Cove and away from Gunwalloe is Poldhu Beach, which is popular for surfing and has a fantastic café that's open 363 days a year.

Dollar Cove

Surfing and swimming. Dollar Cove is a dog friendly beach, year round. It is right next to Church Cove. It is a pebble beach mixed with sand. It is also a location that's used in Poldark.
The Spanish ship San Salvador was lost in 1669, just off the beach. It included a cargo of silver dollars, giving the name to the beach, Dollar Cove.

Fishing Cove
Fishing Cove is a dog friendly beach, year round. Don't swim though. You enter Fishing Cove from the slipway which runs almost up to the pub, The Halzephron Inn.

Loe Bar
Loe bar separates the sea from Loe pool, the largest lake in Cornwall. It is a dog friendly beach, year round. Don't swim though.


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